About LogicBoxes

Partnering with LogicBoxes gives you the Opportunity to grow your Business and Provide your clients with Services and Products they need to Run a Successful Business


LogicBoxes is a Web Products and Consulting Company that specializes in providing private-labeled, web presence and communication applications to Web Hosts, Domain Resellers. ICANN® Registrars, New gTLD Registries, ccTLD Registries and ISP/Telcos. In addition, we also offer a turnkey SaaS platform – OrderBox, which provides end-to-end business automation to our partner clients.

LogicBoxes is also the world’s premier ICANN® Accreditation Consultancy provider. We enable Web Hosts to obtain an ICANN® Accreditation with minimal time and cost commitments from their side. Over 20% of the world’s ICANN® Accredited Registrars have been accredited through our consultancy service.

LogicBoxes also leads in providing Vertical Integration and Automation Solutions for New gTLD and ccTLD Registries. We provide comprehensive Retail and Wholesale Solutions, empowering Registries to grow and manage their namespaces.


  • 13 Years of Industry Experience
  • 5 Million+ Domains Under Management
  • 85+ ICANN Accredited Registrars Partners
  • 100+ Domain Resellers and Web Hosts
  • 5 Million+ Customer Footprint across the World

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