Vertical Integration Solutions for New gTLD Registries


Do you have a wholesome plan to market your New gTLD business?

The solution could be just a conversation away!


Your New gTLD has immense growth potential

But will it be realized if you sell only through the traditional channels?

Can you rely only on Registrars to market your TLD?

Will Registrars prioritize your TLD over others?

Are you ready to pay for expensive shelf space and provide marketing funds?

Vertical Integration is vital for Your New gTLD’s Success!

But where do you start?
  • How can you automate your entire business processes?
  • How can you empower partners from outside the industry to sell your TLD?
  • How can you setup a comprehensive dedicated storefront for your TLD?
  • Do you already have a customer-base to target?

LogicBoxes can help you Integrate Vertically


Launch Your TLD

  • Get an exclusive Flagship Storefront
  • Manage all phases of your TLD’s launch: Sunrise, Landrush & GA
  • Support for Trademark Clearing House (TMCH)
  • Integration with leading Auction Houses

Grow Your TLD

  • Establish your wholesale Reseller Network
  • Leverage LogicBoxes’ 5M+ Customer Base
  • Gain access to Developing Markets
  • Bundle allied web products to boost TLD adoption

Automate Your Business

  • Comprehensive and feature-rich provisioning platform – OrderBox
  • Simple, robust HTTP API available
  • Ready integrations with Registry platforms

The LogicBoxes Advantage


Business Services

  • 360° Feasibility, Situational & GAP Analysis
  • Ongoing Business Consultation
  • Invaluable Market Intelligence
  • ICANN Compliance Assistance

Technology Services

  • Complete Technical Setup
  • Operational Testing and Automation Testing
  • HTTP-API Integration Assistance
  • End-to-end Registry funding and automation solutions

Priority Support

  • 24x7x365
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Technical Support Manager
  • Outsourced Support for your Customers

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